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How to Prevent Radiation Sickness and Treat Nuclear Radiation Poisoning


Nuclear Radiation Poisoning

zeolite detoxThere are those people (usually the ones who are in that business) that will tell you radiation is safe. The feel that is the mainstream news doesn’t report it, then it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately for those who “used to live there” it is safe, only when they’re far away. PBS has done a lot of research on this topic to see how people, animals and plants are coping, and they found out they’re not. Even in Chernobyl which blew many decades ago, it’s still toxic for humans! And the “experts” tell us that it’s safe for you! Yeah, Right.You don’t have to take their word for it, you can test it for yourself and be sure. You and your family’s health may depend on it!


Is Nuclear Radiation Safe?

The PBS special “Radioactive Wolves” examines the state of wildlife populations in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, an area that, to this day, remains too radioactive for human habitation. Safe? Not on your life. There are nuclear radiation reactors and energy facilities in around most large cities in the “civilized world.” They are a constant danger, and one wrong slip could damage our environment (and all the people, wildlife and plants) for God only knows how long. You have Three Mile Island on the East Coast, Fukushima in Japan and San Onofre California which show you how “stable” they really are. They are not, and it’s best for you and your family if you know how to prepare yourself from radiation poisoning and sickness.


radioactive protectionRadiation is harming our wildlife as well! Below is a story from earthfiles about what has happened to the birds that live near Fukushima.
Low-level radiation in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan,
after March 11, 2011, 9.1 earthquake and massive tsunami, appears
to have immediately hurt and killed bird populations to a greater degree
than was expected from a related analysis of Chernobyl. That nuclear meltdown
on April 26, 1986, at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine caused
an explosion and fire that released large quantities of radioactive contamination
into the atmosphere that spread over much of the Western Soviet Union and Europe. See: Environmental Pollution Vol. 164.


Preventing Radiation Sickness

Fortunately, nature herself has a natural remedy that is powerful enough to deal with nuclear radiation poisoning, and can treat radiation sickness fairly quickly. This miracle substance is called Zeolite. It is the number one radiation protection substance known to humankind. Every household would be highly wise to have at least one container of this Natural Zeolite in their cupboard or medicine chest for emergencies or even to detox your body from heavy metals, viruses and to shrink cancers too.


Treating Radiation Sickness and Poisoning

There is help from the plant kingdom as well. You can go out in your local forest or rural area and look for some natural plants that will fill up your body with natural sodium (iodine) and potassium which will not leave room for heavy metals (radiation is a heavy metal) to take hold very long in your body.


Watch this short video to learn which plants can help you, and how you can find and harvest them for yourself:


Removing Nuclear Radiation from Your Body

electricity free water filterUse the plant sources that you can find and do make sure you have have some liquid zeolites if you’re traveling or zeolite powder (the stronger of the two) on hand to quickly detox yourself, your family, and your pets from lethal nuclear radiation poisoning and exposure.There are some natural radiation herbs like Cilantro and Coriander that are powerful radiation fighters.


You can also do a homeopathic detox and jump in the sauna (infrared sauna), to sweat it out of you quickly. You can see for yourself if your home, food and water supply are contaminated and to what degree by getting a handheld nuclear radiation detector for home or business use to verify that the water that you drink is safe as well as which areas are unsafe to be in. For more information visit Homeopathic Medicine.

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